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Orchard Estates is registered with the State of Minnesota as a “housing with services” establishment. That means we do much more than put a roof over your head, but less than a nursing home, memory care or assisted living provider could do.

To choose Orchard Estates, you must be 55 years of age (or better). You must also be able to take care of your own needs of daily living or be able to obtain assistance with daily living. That assistance could be provided by a loved one who lives with you, a home health care provider or other outside resource.

Every senior housing facility develops its own criteria to help ensure a good fit between potential tenants and the facility. Orchard Estates’ criteria cover a variety of expectations, such as a tenant’s ability to:

  • Safely prepare meals and operate appliances, or obtain necessary help to do so
  • Take care of personal needs such as bathing, grooming and laundry, or obtain necessary help to do so
  • Move around safely or use any necessary support equipment independently