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    September 21, 2018
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AX 309 Sibley Ave. N Litchfield 320-693-8007 Each ofloe s independently owned & operatednsm FEATURED PROPERTIES OF THE WEEK LAKE VIEW New New 1124 Olaf Ave NW, Willmar. 22083 582* Ave, Litchfield.69228 350* St, Kimb 1707 S Sibley Ave, Litchfield.342 E 6th St, Litchfield. 5BR, 4BA, 1 car att. garage Foot Lake 3BR, 2BA, 2 car att. garage4BR, 2BA, 2 car att.garage. 3BR, 2BA, 4 car det. garage. $279,900. Call Chad Loch. 3BR, 2BA, 2 car garage. $199,900. Call Zach Rogness $179,900. Call Shirley Neighbors 1.5 Acres Star Lake $184,900. Call Zach Rogness. or Bob Okland $324,900. Call Chad Loch. 72SMarshall Ave, Litchfield.728 E South St, Litchfield. 2BR, 1BA, 1 car det. garage. $172,000. Call Zach Rogness. $44900. Call Pat or Amy Raiber. $74,500. Call Zach Rogness 626 3d St, Litchfield. 3BR, 1BA, 1 car det. garage. 72515 242 St, Dassel. 413 N Armstrong Ave, Litchfield. hm $16,000. Call Linda Johnson. $279,900. Call Mark or Kim Olsorn. 3BR, , 2 car att garage. 1.15 acres. 6BR, 2BA, 2 car det garage 425 S Miller Ave, Litchfield.31134 CSAH 19, Kingston. 27805 655 Ave, Litchfield.28907 127th St NW, Zimmerman 36321 654th Ave, Watkins. 1.47 acres Buildable Lot. 38R,38A $224,900. Call Chad Loch. 28R, 1BA, 2 car det. garage $74,000. Call Zach Rogness. 4BR, 2BA, 3 car att. garage $259,900. Call Mark or Kim Olson.| 100ft Lake shore. S54900. Call Zach Rogness. $28,888. Call Zach Rogness. 4BR, 4BA, 3 car att. garage $299,900. Call Mark or Kim Olson$249,900. Call Chad Loch. 709 W Tt St, Litchfield.107 Pleasant Ave W, Atwater. 326 N Armstrong Ave, Litchfield. 317 S Ramsey Ave, Litchfield.XXX CSAH 2, Litchfield. 4BR, 2BA, 3 car det. garage. $279,900. Call Chad Loch. Commercial. 3BR, 2BA, 2 car det. garage. $79,900. Call Chad Loch. 5 acres. $54,900. Call Zach Rogness. Complete Listings at www.MaxTodays