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KDA has been in business 20 years and continues to inspire, educate and motivate dancers/athletes/youth of all ages! We specialize in the education of dance (not just a cute routine) and how it applies to performing, athletics, danceline, self esteem, personal poise, and overall self confidence! We have a staff that keeps the business side of things very simple and well informed to make it easier on the parent, as well as observation areas so you can watch your dancers progress! Our classes range from technical only, to recreational to competitive so it is a fit for all levels. Our history has proven that KDA is not only a business, but a 2nd home for those who are in love with the dance world as we are! The rapport we have with kids is unmatched so you can feel confident your child is not only getting an education, but a role model as well! We can't wait to meet you!!

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