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Since our opening in 2005, Brothers Bob & Frank have always stressed the importance of better quality food. At Molly's we don't mess around when it comes to ingredients, we're the real deal! That includes real dairy products. Our Swiss has holes in it! Our Milk comes from Silver Lakes own JB Dairy. We don't skimp on the measure either, our cheese is thicker than most. We don't stop with just the dairy; our burgers are 5.33 Oz. & made of 100% Chopped Beef Steak! Our hand battered Mushrooms are to die for and our pulled pork is slow smoked & braised for 14 hours. You won't find any cans in our kitchen! Our passion for food & quality that's not loaded with chemicals has led the way for expansion into the packaged food business. Currently we prepare & bottle our own Seasonings, herb & spice blends without the added glycerol, silicon dioxide or anti caking agents.